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Book Excerpt

Alex made the decision to begin the rat trials with breast cancer. The Chicago team would conduct the first trial. On the morning of the trial, Xavier carefully loaded the first resveratrol treated rat into the tube of the frequency machine.


“Be extra careful with my baby,” said Hans. “I wouldn’t want my little darling microwaved like a hot dog!”


“Don’t worry, Hans, she won’t feel a thing,” said Xavier. “These frequencies are nothing like microwaves.”


“I think you are getting a little too close to those rats, Hans,” said Kira while continuing to stare at her computer screen. “I think we should nickname you ‘Willard’ from now on.” Hans scoffed as he took a seat to watch.


With the rat resting comfortably in its little Plexiglas box, Xavier and Kira obtained the frequency signatures from the rat cancer cells and then applied the appropriate frequencies for both cancerous and precancerous cells. Samples taken from the rats provided data to determine the cancer cell kill rate. So far, all the trials on cells alone resulted in a one hundred percent kill rate.


Xavier removed the rat from the tube and handed it over to Hans.


“Here you go, Hans; one exposed rat,” said Xavier.


Hans removed the rat from the box and cradled it like a newborn baby. “Come here, my little girl; let’s see what your cells look like,” he said as he made a series of kissing sounds while heading to the section of the lab containing the microscopes. Kira rolled her eyes. Everyone became silent as the tension in the room grew.


Hans to crunched the numbers and announced another success. But after a moment, he recanted and exclaimed, “There is something wrong here; we must rerun the trial.”


About the Book

xcurefinalcover-600Title: The X-Cure

Author: Bruce Forciea

Genre: Medical Thriller / Science Fiction

Dr. Alex Winter, a brilliant biomedical engineer, teams with Dr. Xiu Ling, a beautiful Chinese scientist, to discover a revolutionary cure for cancer. But Tando Pharmaceuticals, the world’s largest and richest drug producer, also has an interest in the cure, and when they discover that the treatment is flawed as recipients begin to die after four months, causing a media frenzy and a drop in Tando’s stock, they call upon their ‘Mercenary Soldiers of Medicine’ to maintain global domination.

Author Bio

authorpic1-cropped-600Bruce Forciea is known for taking complex scientific concepts and making them easy to understand through engaging stories and simple explanations. He is an Amazon Best Selling Author and has written several books on healing and biology which include Unlocking the Healing Code, An Easy Guide to Learning Anatomy and Physiology and An eText of Anatomy and Physiology. The X-Cure is his debut fiction work. Dr. Forciea teaches Anatomy and Physiology for Moraine Park Technical College and Unitek College. Professional projects include writing and producing college science courses, producing digital media including over one hundred science videos, ebooks, custom labs and websites. His fiction writing draws on a diverse and eclectic background that includes touring and performing with a professional show, designing digital circuits for a defense contractor, treating thousands of patients while running successful chiropractic and wellness clinics and now teaching life science and wellness. Dr. Forciea lives in Wisconsin and loves writing during the solitude of the long Northern winters.


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