Book Excerpt Fluffy the Bird


The Reading Guru is proud to host an excerpt today for children’s picture book “Fluffy the Bird”. We hope you enjoy the excerpt.

Book Excerpt

“There was a little bird that sang so beautifully and he would sing and sing. Oh, how he loved to sing! Fluffy’s voice was so beautiful and often his voice would be heard out in the immediate area. People would stop stop outside the house for hours listening to the soul soothing voice of Fluffy.

When it was sunny outside, Fluffy would be placed out on the porch to take in the rays from the sun. There, Fluffy would sing making melodies that caused people to stop and pay honor to such marvelous singing. Joy was brought to all that heard Fluffy’s lovely singing.”

About The Book

destraworldbookcoverTitle: Fluffy the Bird

Author: Ronald Destra and Juanita Destra

Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Children’s Picture Book

New Children  Book ‘Fluffy the Bird’ Teaches Children About Following Their Purpose in Life.

Fluffy the Bird sang the most beautiful music, everyone who had the pleasure of hearing him was delighted. He truly had a gift!

Was this what Fluffy was meant to do? Did he have a purpose? Was his voice a voice a way to make the world a brighter place?

With a bright future and so much potential ahead of them, encouraging children to uncover their natural talents and skill is vital in their development. Take a journey with Fluffy as he discovers his purpose in life– discovering his talent and opening up a world of possibilities for children.

Author Bio

Ronald Destra

pikRonald Destra is an aspiring children author, illustrator, publisher, entrepreneur and husband. He resides in Florida. Mr. Ronald  Destra is the author, co-author and illustrator of four (4) children books, Hoppy the Frog, Fluffy the Bird, Scrappy the Dog & Tommy the Giraffe.

Ronald Destra is the co-founder of Destra World Books Publishing.

His purpose in life is to help young children learn that they do have a purpose in life and to never give up no matter what life throws at them.

More about Ronald Destra and his books, please visit his site.

Juanita Destra

workCEO of Destra World Books Publishing which provides professional literary services to authors and business owners.

Co-author of Fluffy the Bird & Scrappy the Dog. Aside from her publishing expertise, Juanita Destra has been employed in the medical field for many years which she strives to provide high quality patient care.

More about Juanita Destra and her books, please visit her site.

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