Book Excerpt from Romance & Revenge

romancerevengebannerThe Reading Guru is proud to host an excerpt from cozy mystery “Romance & Revenge”. Enjoy.

Book Excerpt

“One more question. Do you know any of Becky’s friends and if they are diabetic?” I could tell she thought that was an odd question and she shook her head. “No idea.”
That had really been a long shot so I wasn’t too disappointed. “Can I use your restroom,” I said to her, suddenly feeling the urge to check her medicine cabinet. Just to rule her out and it was a plausible excuse.

“Sure. Just down the hall on the right. Place isn’t that big, you can’t miss it,” she said, smiling.
 I got up and found the bathroom easily enough, waited a few seconds and flushed the toilet and turned on the faucet before making noise opening her medicine cabinet. I gave the contents a quick glance, there wasn’t anything in there but the basics, and then checked the two drawers under the vanity. Nothing. I turned off the water and opened the door to walk out when across the hall something caught my eye.

The room across the hall looked to be her bedroom and I could see her neatly made bed and her headboard, which on it sat several pictures and knickknacks. The one that caught my eye looked to be a picture I recognized. I could hear them talking in the other room, so tiptoed across the hall for a closer look. I was right. Why did she have that?

“Are you ready to leave?” I said when I rejoined the group and the others stood up.

“Thank you for speaking with us and sorry to barge in like this,” I said to Julie as she walked us to the door.

“No problem. It’s nice having company. I’m sorry I wasn’t more help.”
“You were plenty, thanks,” I said and we walked out the door, her closing it behind us.
 I didn’t say anything until we were back in the cab.
“I think she had a picture of Becky’s boyfriend Peter in her bedroom.”
“You snooped in her bedroom?” Katy said.
“It was across the hall from the bathroom. I saw the picture on her headboard when I walked out of the bathroom.”
“And you’re sure it was a picture of Peter?” Katy said.
 “Once I glanced and saw it, I walked in for a closer look and to make sure and yes, not only was it a picture of Peter but it was one I swear I saw at Becky’s apartment the day Julie let me in.”

“You think she took the photo from Becky’s,” Jared asked. “Why would she do that?”
 “No idea, but I think we need to ask Peter.”

About The Book

23437652Title: Romance & Revenge

Author: Laina Turner

Genre: Cozy Mystery / Chick Lit

The bookkeeper at Jared’s company has been murdered and if that wasn’t bad enough someone is trying to sabotage the company by leaking company documents to other firms who are then upstaging their presentations. Jared asks for her help to find out who is trying to take Sleeping Bear Designs down and while Presley is always willing to help a friend, she is also hoping it will take her mind off obsessing over Cooper.

Presley and Cooper are on a break or are they broken up? It was never really clarified and she just found out he’s in town and he hasn’t called. Is he avoiding her? What does that mean?

Are they done for good?

Author Bio

headshot_LainaTurnerAs a child Laina thought she would either be a truck driver (thanks to Jerry Reed in Smokey and the Bandit) or work at Taco Bell (her favorite restaurant as a child). As she grew older she realized her talents lay in academics and business and for the last several years has been a business consultant and college professor where she uses the analytical side of her brain and not the side that makes up stories.

Through all her career choices she has continued to have a passion for writing. This stemmed from childhood whereas an only child she developed a vivid imagination spending most of her time making things up and thinking the Incredible Hulk lived in her closet.

Proud of her vast experiences in life from barrel racing to being on the dance team for a semi pro basketball team to being a mom of 2 amazing kids, she tells her family and friends that no one is safe from their escapades slipping in to her books.

Taking the plunge to write books that she actually lets people read in 2010, she has worked her way up to having 5 fans (maybe 6 now). Her blog, The Art Of Living Fabulously, was launched to share the daily fun in the life of a Real Housewife of the Midwest along with the musing of other fabulous ladies.


Laina’s Blog:

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