Book Excerpt from The Thunderstone


Book Excerpt

“Black ravens,” he said. “Too far from the river to be friendly.”

The few trappers that were left in camp were all running up from the lake. Some were taking cover in the lean-to’s. Bierutha had grabbed his bow and arrow and was notching the first one while watching the birds come ever closer. He had unsheathed his big ax in readiness.

Tem stood ready with his bow. Nugs was the only one still by the edge of the river. He stood stoically watching the oncoming hoard of black ravens. Tem yelled at him to get back but the merr acted as if he hadn’t even heard him.

Chellie was urgently trying to get Birl to go with her. Suddenly, the little girl stood up and screamed. It was a piercing, terrifying scream. Hadden jumped toward her. The merr, finally leaving the lake, came running up. Scooping up the girl he told Hadden, “I protect Birl.” Nugs then ran into the woods carrying the girl, sheltering her in his arms. Chellie was left to stand with the fighters.

Hadden yelled at her to get into the woods. She refused, running over to one of the supply lean-to’s. Snatching a fishing spear, the northern woman waited with the rest for the attack.

“Maybe we should all take cover in the woods.” Silas said, looking at Eauxsage.

“No, they would follow, it is what they want us to do. Better to fight them in the open where arrows can get them.” He had opened up his cape, holding his staff in front of him. “They are more of an annoyance than anything else. I will try to get most of them. Tell everyone to protect their eyes.”

The wizard said no more. He watched as the cloud of birds came ever closer. Suddenly, he raised his staff high in the air. Almost immediately the wind picked up dramatically. Chellie could see that the water on the lake became instantly choppy. The black cloud of Ravens became less dense as the wind played havoc with their flight. Their cries of confusion reaching the watchers in the camp.

A huge whirlpool appeared below the ravens. Reaching up, a combination of wind and water pulled the ravens down into its depths. Their cries bounced across the water to the trapper’s camp. Everyone on shore watched in wonder as most of the ravens disappeared into the swirls of the lake. Still some ravens, who had been flying higher, came on, perhaps twenty escaped into the clearing.

They attacked with such fierceness that Chellie, had little time to react. She could hardly believe they were birds. The trappers’ mules began braying and pulling at their ropes. Some got free, stampeding wildly into the woods.

The Thunderstone

Cover1-ebook-3Title: The Thunderstone

Author: Pj Belanger

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Empowered by jewels with various magical qualities – wizards, gemnuns, gemmonks and sapphires – along with the Lords they serve, combine to make up the HOUSES OF STOREM, inhabited by dwarfs, icelanders, elves, catpeople and hillpeople who must unite against the evil ONYX KINGDOM.

It is an adventure that finds an odd group of travelers trying to save the life of a wounded girl who is being pursued by trolls, ogres, pirates, hurks and histians – up rivers, through magical forests and mystical wizard towers, all because she may be the key to preventing the evil one from taking over the DIAMOND KINGDOM.

Don’t miss this, the first in a series that brings Birl, Eauxsage, Hadden, Chellie, Nugs and Tem together for the first time.

Author Bio

pjbfacePj Belanger has spent a good part of her life in the scenic hills of Connecticut. She was always an avid reader. “My father collected every bit of Science Fiction he could find- we would talk for hours on the subject. The Golden Age of Science Fiction is truly a love of mine.
Great writers from Heinlein to Jose Farmer to Asimov to Bloch were my idols. They were great story tellers something that influences my own work. Of course, then came Tolkien and I was hooked on fantasy too.”

After graduating from St. Francis College (UNE) in Maine, she worked in the fast pace newpaper advertising world but always had been a writer of short stories, novel length books of fiction, romance and general interest. Her work is a mixture of a three volume book series, The Houses of Storem filled with wizards, dwarfs, merrs, elfs, heroic Kings and albino Icelanders. Her Space Dectective series is just plain good sci fi fun as is her short story book.

Pj was deeply involved in writing local NASCAR Driver Profiles and has a book on The History of Stafford Speedway. “I love racing in general, but I really love the short tracks. It was a labor of love to write the racing books and I enjoyed writing a regular racing column for a local sports newspaper.”

Pj lives in Florida with husband. She enjoys time with her two grandchildren. Her life is enhanced by a trouble making miniature beagle and a mischievous cat.





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