Book Excerpt from Wolf’s Heart


The Reading Guru is hosting an excerpt from paranormal erotic “Wolf’s Heart”. We hope you enjoy the excerpt.

Book Excerpt

“You wanna talk about my sex life or have a few drinks?”

As usual, Ryden ignored the question and posed one to JT.

“Oh, so your sex life is closed for discussion, but mine isn’t?” Ryden rolled his eyes, clearly having been down this path before. “You always bring her up, and I always shut it down. You know why I won’t call or see her so, can it, will you?”

“I’ve told you before, Ryden. You’re not a danger to her, never was, never will be. You have control unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Most have the thirst for years before they can control it. You gathered the strength to you like you’d been born to it. If anything, you’re a danger to yourself because you lack the common sense to see what’s right in front of you.”

“Fuck off, JT. I’m not calling her, and that’s final.” This was the same argument just a different day.

Ryden growled as JT attempted to stare him down. Neither of them wanted a fight, much less one so public, so both broke the challenging gaze at nearly the same time.

There was a time when Ryden had a woman he adored beyond all things, including his career. Carlee was his perfect match or had been until life tossed him a curve ball. Then, he broke contact with her, burying himself in the Army until he thought he could finally forget her.

He knew she’d been hurt by his curt phone call more than three years ago when he told her they were finished. He could hear the tears across the crackling phone line, even from thousands of miles away while he was stationed in Afghanistan. He hated what he’d done, but he would have hated it more if his new life had somehow tainted her pure heart and life.

Wolf’s Heart

10268462_268491169995866_7096114951471118815_nTitle: Wolf’s Heart

Authors: Cam Cassidy and Ruelle Channing

Genre: Paranormal Erotic

Wolfpack Delta gave Ryden Coulter’s life purpose after the attack that not only changed his life, but destroyed his only hope for happiness. While the woman he left behind is always on his mind, he knows that his new-found strength lies in the power of his wolf, not in his heart…or so he thinks.

Being born for the sole purpose of saving another’s life isn’t quite the way one imagines coming into the world, but Carlee O’Shannon knows no other reality. The one time she ever opened her heart, she lost it all. Vowing to never let another person hurt her that way again, she’s unprepared for Ryden to come back into her life.

Together again, out of necessity rather than desire, Ryden and Carlee will be forced to fight not only for their lives, but the lives of Ryden’s unit. Secrets and danger lurk beneath the surface, and it will take more than the strength of a lone wolf and the woman he loves to fight their way out.

Author Bios

Cam Cassidy

Cam Cassidy is an erotic romance author with a paranormal flare.  She spent her life growing up in a small Ohio farming community.  The lack of neighbors and companionship of mostly cows and horses in her youth left her plenty of time for her passion of reading to flourish.

As an adult, Cam is married and the mother of three ornery children who keep her on her toes.  The cup of coffee in her hand is a trademark.   She works full time in the medical field.  In her spare time,  she spends every minute reading and writing.  Watching her children ride horses, dirt bikes with a notebook in hand to never miss jotting down that next all important story idea.

All of the “hard work” reading and writing sitting beside the fire drinking a glass of wine.  Or was it between loads of laundry, recently paid off with her first publication.

Ruelle Channing

Ruelle Channing is a writer of Paranormal Romance. She grew up in a small North Carolina community with books as her best friend. Often as a child, she was scolded for propping up her book to read while she did her chores, even while her mother encouraged the interest. Her father was illiterate, but never let that keep him from learning. Most of the librarians at both her school and local library knew her by name as she was a frequent visitor there. After graduation from high school, Ruelle worked in a sewing factory. She married at age 21 and had the first of three daughters two years later. Her girls have also inherited the love of reading. As stay at home mom for 17 years, Ruelle still wondered what she wanted to be when she “grew up”. Having lived in books all her life, as an adult it has been her dream to create a world in which she would be proud to have others become entrance in. Her recent works include the Wolfpack Delta Series, which was written with friend and co-author, Cam Cassidy, and she has several other works in progress.


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