Down to Business Book Excerpt


The Reading Guru is hosting an excerpt from NA contemporary romance novel “Down to Business”. Enjoy the excerpt!

Book Excerpt

Before I could finish getting my things out of my locker, Vivian came up behind me.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“What does it look like?” I asked without looking at her and sliding my purse over my shoulder.

“Don’t talk down to me!”

Her hand shot out and slammed my locker closed. I froze and stared at her maroon nails splayed over the door like bloody claws.

“We’re off the clock and I don’t need to be nice to you. Stay away from him, do you hear me?” she growled at my backside.

I slowly turned around to face her. “What if he doesn’t want me to?”

Her lips pulled into a sneer and her nostrils flared. “Look bitch, I know you think you’re cute with your little game you’re playing to get between Vinny and me, but it’s not gonna work. He’s not into you. He feels bad for you because you’re a poor loser with no friends. You do realize that there’s nothing you could offer him, right? You’re just a scrawny, little ginger bitch with no money, car, tits or ass.”

I glared at her and my reply flowed from my lips before I could swallow it back down. “I guess I’ll have to rely on my personality then, since you don’t have one.”

Down to Business

downtobusiness_promocoverTitle: Down to Business

Author: J.C. Alexander

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

While everyone else headed off to college, small town girl, Autumn Malone, stays behind to help manage her family’s failing restaurant. Two years later, when a scholarship at Adelphi University comes her way, she can’t resist the chance to start a new life. The one thing that she isn’t planning on…is falling for irresistible Vinny Mazzola.

To outsiders, Hamptons born Vinny Mazzola has it all: good looks, money, and an esteemed reputation. While studying business at Adelphi, the last thing he expects to do is fall in love with awkward Autumn Malone, who forces him to ask himself what’s really important in life.

When the opportunity arises for Autumn to work at Vinny’s family-owned Italian restaurant, Mazzolas, it seems like a perfect way for her to get to know him better. That is until she meets his over protective mother and his conceited ex-girlfriend who both want nothing more than to get rid of her. Between frats, family, friends, and foes, when it comes down to business, will Autumn and Vinny have to sacrifice everything for a love they can’t live without?

Author bio

authorJ.C. Alexander was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. When she is not busy being a mother, wife, and author, she enjoys online gaming and losing herself in a good book.


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Other published works

 Red Deception (A novella) by J.C. Murtagh

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