Book Excerpt from Getting Lost


The Reading Guru is hosting an excerpt today from erotica novella “Getting Lost”. Enjoy the excerpt!

Book Excerpt

Snow’s head fell back and she moaned as a sob made its way out of her. She’d done it to herself with her disobedience. Now she was to be tamed by the most powerful man on The Island. There was no way out; she’d signed the papers. Those words that stood out in the contract once again flowed through her head and she realized she’d signed up to be a sex toy.

What was it the woman on the plane had said? That they were the best years of her life? How is that possible? Snow wondered. This is a terrible agony!

As Henry stepped down again, a page climbed up and secured her head in position between her arms with the leather straps dangling from the back of her bit by tying them around her biceps. She couldn’t turn her head or lower it. Henry had the perfect view of her from the dais, and she’d have to watch the others go through this bizarre ritual.

Deep longing for the king found its way into her flesh and she felt herself grow aroused as she watched him test and touch the other women in the group. The porcelain doll began her work and teased Snow’s sex with the replica attached to the pole. It flicked around then drove into her repeatedly. All the while, the page spanked her with the wooden paddle. I hate them! When she thought she would explode, every sensation ceased and she was left gasping for air. A leather strap slapped at her hardened nipples and she was desperate to cry out and beg them to stop—or keep going—she wasn’t sure which; but the bit prevented it. Tears rolled down her face as she thrust her hips toward the pole, held just out of reach by the doll-faced girl. Snow’s humiliation rose with her arousal and she thought, if she didn’t find release soon, she’d die. Her arms strained against the shackles and her breathing shortened to quick gulps of air.

Through a haze, she heard the others being renamed. Little John, Ariel, Cinder, Belle, Hans, Pinocchio, and Goldie were a few of the names handed out by the King and Queen. It was quite possible these names were meant to allow the people behind them to let go of all they knew and step into this fantasy world. Or, perhaps it was to strip them of their dignity, making them complacent little beasts. Either way, Snow found a sense of purpose behind her new name. She would own it.

Her peak was close and she moaned behind the bit.

One of the young men released his seed into the Queen’s hand as she stroked him. At the sight of the fluid leaving the organ, Snow almost reached her own climax. The young man was thrust over a knee and spanked until he cried out. Then, he was allowed to apologize to the queen while kneeling on all fours, like a dog. Not with words—that would’ve been too easy. He had to bring his penis to attention and touch the end of her shoe with it. She had him driven from the room with a paddle.

Again, the spanking of Snow’s buttocks and the teasing of her sex stopped. Warm lips wrapped around her nipples and she felt teeth grate on the skin there. A violent shudder whipped through her body and she began to float on the sensation. She checked her thoughts. No way could she find release in front of this crowd of strangers. But desire washed the thought from her head, taking her out of the room, immersing her in the pleasure of the paddle, the sting of the strap, the warmth of the lips, and the tickle then filling thrust of the pole. She rose on tiptoe each time the wood assaulted her rear, eagerly accepting the magic wand that was sure to follow.

Before she could find her pleasure, the trio of torturers left her. She stood, throbbing, hot, and frustrated, as sobs racked her body. If only she hadn’t misbehaved, perhaps she would’ve been rewarded as a few of the others had been. It was certainly done so she could observe how good girls and boys were treated. Henry’s eyes never left hers when he’d pleasured Marta with his fingers. She’d cried out and rode his hand to climax right there in front of the whole assembly; earning her the name Beauty.

Hours passed and Snow’s arms were beginning to go numb. She allowed her body to sag in the restraints, all fight gone. Her arousal still burned hot under her skin and she wanted nothing more than to touch that little bundle of nerves between her legs, bringing relief from the heat.

A smell brought her out of her stupor and she looked up to see Henry standing before her, naked and glorious in the moonlight. He stepped up, muscles flexing, bouncing the soft light around like a prism, and smoothed back the wisps of hair from her forehead. His arousal filled the air around them with a deep, musky smell. Snow took in a large whiff of his manliness and allowed her eyes to take their fill of his body. Long, dark hair framed his face in little curls and his eyes were a dark green set behind perfectly shaped lids and full, black lashes. When he smiled, he revealed straight, white teeth.

“How’s my wild stallion doing now?” he whispered in her ear.

In answer, she nuzzled his face as best as she could with the straps holding her head.

“Are you ready for your king?”

A soft whimper escaped her lips.

“Will you live only to please me? Do anything I tell you to? Surrender yourself to me completely?”

Snow nodded.

“My beautiful Snow White. Your skin is alabaster, your hair as dark as a raven’s wing, your lips blood red, and your eyes as blue as a robin’s egg. How I wish to possess your charms.” As he spoke, he massaged her breasts and tugged her nipples gently with his hands.

She felt her face grow warm and her nipples peak under his touch. When his fingers pried her sex open, she almost grated against them. It was all she could do to keep herself from moving.

Getting Lost

Getting_Lost_The_Island_Book1_MarieMorgan_SFWTitle: Getting Lost (The Island, Book One)

Author: Marie Morgan

Genre: Erotica

Cicily Welling lost everything she cared about. On a dangerous path of self-destruction, she finds a website announcing The Island, saying how they can help those with “emotional problems.”

With much trepidation, she fills out the form and clicks submit, launching herself into a world she never knew existed. It all starts with him. He tells her she’ll heal and makes grand promises that she’ll never be a doormat again.

Now, getting lost is the only way she’ll be able to find herself. In this first book of The Island trilogy, Cicily finds out just how delicious getting lost can be.

Author Bio

Marie2_SFWMarie Morgan fell in love with the erotica genre when she read Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty series. Marie has attempted to delve deeply into the human psyche and show how embracing something new can set someone free.



Twitter: @AuthorMMorgan



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There is also a tour-wide giveaway for a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

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