Book Excerpt from Garrett’s Mulligan


The Reading Guru is hosting an excerpt today from “Garrett’s Mulligan”, a mystery/fantasy/humor novel. Have fun reading!

Book Excerpt

It was almost eight in the evening and the last of the sun dipped into the sea of the horizon. Garrett finished climbing the gangway to the upper cliffs and turned to gaze over the scrambled mess of docks and wooden walkways far below. A slight hint of breeze tussled his hair, and as always, the smell of fish was on the wind. Leaning over the railing, he peeked along the line of gambling dens. Any one of the rich proprietors here could own a G.V. unit. ‘But unless you’re in league with the syndicate, you wouldn’t knowingly rent rooms, let alone your costly equipment to a pair of killers.’ He sighed loudly and rubbed at his temples.

Much of last night had been spent going over the message received from the assassins. He went with Maury to inform Kline of the dangerous development and the abduction of B.S. Immediately the old man had called a meeting with Frank, and Hector to go over their options. Despite watching the video several times, no one could define anything special about the killer’s location. It could just as easily be the interior of a gloomy barn as the underbelly of a ship. There was no way to tell from the grainy video feed.

Garrett was certain that Daniel Kline wanted to see B.S. come to no harm, but he was not as certain this would be the outcome. Even if Kline had produced the required funds, a feeling gnawing in the pit of his stomach told Garrett that the killers had no intention of letting B.S. go unscathed.

Garrett’s Mulligan

garrettsmulliganfrontTitle: Garrett’s Mulligan

Author: Grant Reed

Genre: Humor / Fantasy / Mystery

At thirty-one Garrett Willigins has finally earned his private investigator’s badge. Unfortunately, the bills haven’t stopped coming and building a solid reputation won’t happen overnight. Forced to take employment wherever they can, Garrett and his miniature dragon partner Merle, must dirty their hands any way possible to make a buck. Shoveling manure, chasing cats, and dock duty seem to be the order of the day.
Working off back rent for a notorious gangster isn’t the safest of jobs on a good day, but when the other workers start turning up dead, Garrett finds himself elbow deep in a mystery that could spell a quick end to his short P.I. career.

Author Bio

SONY DSCGrant Reed has a background in business management, computer programming, and computer networking.  He would much rather be out fishing though, so he spends his time writing and working contract jobs. He lives in Lively Ontario, Canada with his wife Robin, and their two children Aidan and Megan





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